How To Donate

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How to Give:

If you’re in the U.S.

  • You can send us via secure electronic giving. CLICK HERE.  

IMPORTANT:  When you give, please look for the drop-down menu “PURPOSE” and then select from the options- “ZORINA SUPPORT, TOKYO, JAPAN.”  Please follow the example below.  Thank you.


  • As an option, if you are technologically challenged you can also send us INTERNATIONAL POSTAL MONEY ORDER  (click to see example here) from the U.S to our address that is easily cashable at JP Bank (Japan Postal Bank)Please fill in our name and address in the money order as below.

Name: Joey Zorinsanga.

Address:  302, Noborito 3282-1, Tama-Ku, Kawasaki-Shi, 214-0014, Kanagawa, Japan.

NOTE: Please write the address in the money order exactly as it is written above to make the transition in Japan smooth.

If you’re in JAPAN.

JP Bank (ゆうちょ銀行)

Name: ジョーイ ゾリンサンガ (Joey Zorinsanga)

Bank Name: ゆうちょ銀行 (Yucho Ginko)
Bank Code: 218
Bank Address:

Noborito Ekimae Post Office
Noborito 2570. Tama Ward. ‎Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki, 214-0014.
Phone: 044-911-990

Account type: 当座(Toza)

Account Number: 12180-43240671.


OR Nagoya Ginko:

Bank Name: 名古屋銀行(Nagoya Ginko)
Branch name:  長くて ちょ(Nagakute-Cho)
Account type: 当座(Toza)
Number: 0543-266-3342942
Full Name: ジョーイ ゾリンサンガ (Joey Zorinsanga)
Swift Code:  NAGOJPJN

If you’re in INDIA.

State Bank Of India.  Name: Joey Zorinsanga.

International ATM card number: 6220180153980006958.


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